The March to the Sea

I wandered the streets of Edinburgh alone
I pondered the seats; which is my throne?
I found one under the arch of a tree
A sound one before the march to the sea
It was here that I first let the pain pour out
Without fear that I first refused more doubt
The plight was sure
The visions impure
Blinkered sight took me to the shore
I hung my head o’er a glistening granite wall
The solace of the skyline was present but small
The sun shone down
On the Lord’s renown
Oh, the vibrant blues!
The horizon’s hues
Were brushed with white
They bemoaned the night
The sea shore swelled
But no fears were quelled
I turned my back upon its beauty
Nature couldn’t do its duty
A storm was raging inside my soul
My manliest efforts coul’n’t keep me whole
The waters rained down from my eyes
The seagulls laughed down from dry skies
People passed me, all a blur
Talking, laughing, some demure
I wished one would ask me, just one ask me why,
“Why would you cry, while you look at that sky?”

The Nonsense Rhyme

I’m losing my mind
Cos I cannot find
A no nonsense rhyme
That pitter pat patter
Nah-nah-nah-nah natter
No mind? No matter
It’s all intertwined
No pause or rewind
What’s on in my mind?
Come tune in on Satur’
Watch a baseball batter
Become the mad hatter
Tune in on Frined’s day
Ignore what your mindsay
It’s with words that I play
Don’t tune in on Wednesday
It could be all ends day
I’ve nothing more to say

I’m Everybody’s Bottle

I’m everybody’s bottle
I take the pain, I take the fears
I take the hate, I take the tears
I put them all into the bottle,
and try to stop sentienting
While deep inside it’s all fermenting
Where will I be when the bottle pop?
On my bed or a clifftop?
And how far will the flying foam drop?
Down to the sheets or to the rock?
And which is sure to stop the pain?
Neither one, that is plain

Us (My Sixth Thing)

What is this feeling? Where did it start?
Inside my body; not quite my heart
It tingles through me, not quite love
Hope for it, like promises of above
Who is this girl? Where’d she come from?
The home of the angels? Elysium?
A woman of the world, not quite of this earth
I thank the stars for her blessed birth
Two dark pasts, one bright future
Can I be the white knight? Her suitor?
I feel like she’s still in the grey
Where I’ve come from, I’ll show the way
Is she the one? My sixth thing?
What shall our future bring?
We set off on a voyage together
Expecting sun and stormy weather
I have five down, one to go
Is she the one? I do not know
The five were fine, the five were fixed
Now I’m dreaming of the sixth

Too Bright to See the Light

As I look up
Into the night sky
I know that one day
That I might die
I hope that day’s darker
Than it is tonight
Sometimes it’s too bright
To see the light
Sometimes distracted
By things that you hear
Always impeded
By things that you fear
Sometimes enticed
By pressures of peers
Sometimes you see it
Then it disappears
Sometimes when you say it
What you wanna see
It comes to you
More often you’re left
Talk-ing to yourself
What you wanted to see
Stays high on a shelf
Sometimes it’s too cloudy
Sometimes it’s too bright
Sometimes your own thoughts
Blind your own sight
All you’ve been taught
Of what’s wrong and right
Has painted your world
In plain black and white
But the world’s grey
And sometimes there’s colour
But your vision’s tunnelled
Oh, but if it were fuller!
Think of the things
That you could see
Think of the things
That you could be
I hope that it’s not
Too late for me
To see all the things
That there are to see
Cos as I look up
Into the night sky
I know that one day
That I might die
I hope that day’s darker
Than it is tonight
Sometimes it’s too bright
To see the light

No Revenge

A sick man has slighted me
He’s hurt what I love
His sick actions have blighted me
Blighted my beautiful dove
I feel like fighting him
Like letting fists fly
I feel like biting him
Like letting him die
But I must show restrain
And from action refrain
But my bubbling bath of anger won’t drain
My love won’t allow me to avenge her pain