A Shooting Star

I saw a shooting star last night
The moment was enough
To view the world from that great height
A speck of spacial fluff
A bright white rocket ‘cross the sky,
A tail of stardust in its wake,
Blew my mind with questions why
Philosophical thoughts awake
Is my life a shooting star
Burning in a blink through space?
I’m so unsure of who we are
The ponderous human race
Are we more or less than a blink in time?
Will we even leave a mark?
Or shall our efforts shrink in time
Like shadows in the dark?
Will we go out in a Supernova,
Lighting the darkest places,
Or fizzle out when all is over
Without the faintest traces?
If a million years is a blink in time
What meaning has my life?
Are these thoughts a humanistic crime?
Reasons to live are rife
I turn my eyes from the shooting star
To focus on this earth
In my heart I know just who we are
Imbued in me since birth

A New Irish Christmas

Jingle bells
And long farewells
Fresh burns from Ireland’s migrant hell
Flames rose the day the banks all fell
Just like the Earls, the Irish flew
In search of work in pastures new
From Canada, Australia, they had to choose
Family and friends, they had to lose
We see them maybe once a year
Back to share in seasonal cheer
Only to leave before New Year’s
Only renewing our old fears
Fears that burn inside the heart
Will we forever be apart?
Will we live to meet again?
Will we? Will we? Will we? When?
And when we meet, who shall you be?
Someone unbeknownst to me?
Times change, time changes us
Time apart estranges us
A New Irish Christmas of hollow cheer
Wide smiles tainted by a tear
They come with gifts and stories too
Their greatest gift is seeing you


I want to climb the great, white mountains in the sky
Where the sea is up above them, way on high
In that world everything is upside down
The earth is the sky, and the sky is the ground
I want to watch as winged creatures fly along the floor
I want to watch as legged ones walk on air even more
I want to bathe in the pouring rain, falling to the sky
I want to watch the sun rise down, never asking why
Come join me in this world of wonder
Where flying lighting follows thunder
Where the land turns red in a wordless warning
Only needed to be heeded in the morning
Come join me as the land turns red at night
We’ll watch flying shepherds dance with delight
We’ll watch a herds of horses fly through the field
We’ll watch a flying farmer harvest his yield
See the flying fish swim a sea in the sky
I see from your face, you want to know why
This is no place for reason, only for rhyme
For questions and answers we have no time
Come walk awhile on the flat white soil
We’re walking on air, no effort, no toil
We’ll worry no more as birds fly by out feet
Only hope and dream of who we might meet
This land has names, given by many
Creeds and religions, who can choose any
Which name we choose changes the Gods that receive us
Our loved ones at home will never believe us
In Swarga Loka, the heaven of Hindus
We Will meet the great Devi, the powerful Vishnu
Pray we don’t meet him with six arms unfurled
To see him become death, destroyer of worlds
If we walk in the land that they call Tian
We’ll meet many a righteous Chinese man
And maybe, if he’ll grace us,  we’ll happen to see
The great, the powerful, the one, Shangdi
If we walk in the land that they call Shamayim
We’ll meet Israel’s chosen people, beholden to Him
The creator and destroyer, the just, Yahweh
If you’re descended from Abraham, you’re welcome to stay
But here we can’t stay, in the land of the dead
We’re bound to life, all of this is ahead
But to spend a day, just a moment in time
To explore the land, the mountains to climb

I Hope

I hope you understand
I hold my life in my own hand
And I won’t take a knife and cut my wrist, and let it fall
I’m in it til I win it, in it til I get it all
Turn the mountain into mole hills
And climb them one by one
I’ll venture til my soul fills
Won’t stop, I’ve just begun
I hope that you can see
I see the light and it’s on me
And I won’t walk towards it, I’ll bask in its warm glow
Soak up all its energy, and release it in my flow
Turn Goliath into Davids
And fight them duel by duel
Fight them til the day rids
Me of my body’s fuel
I hope that you can hear
Because I’m speaking crystal clear
And I won’t ever tell you of my tale again
So take a seat and listen up as I tell you of when
I turned the darkness into night times
And slept the whole night through
Watched the sunrise as I wrote lines
And turned the sky from black to blue

Because We’re Human Beings

We think we’re such a special species
The wonderful human being
Our wonders fill anthropological theses
But what are we not seeing?
Do we not see the millions dead
In wars fought over lands?
A mother shot right through the head
A baby taken from her hands
Do we not see that baby grow,
Raised to be a killer?
Or do we choose just not to know
On his grave, a broken pillar
Do we not see the millions starve
As millions drown in fat?
Dry soil they plough while meat we carve
Nothing civilized in that
Do we not see the spouses beaten
The ones ought to be loved
After each fight they often sweeten
Then return with fist ungloved
Do we not see the childhoods taken?
Children put to work
On farms, in factories, and brothels, forsaken
Their pain we simply shirk
Do we not see whole groups suppressed?
The women, the blacks, the gays
Taking hundreds of years to be addressed
They’re still abused in ways
And if you see, you may ask why
We’re so cruel and disagreeing?
I’ll tell you now, and with a sigh,
Because we’re human beings

ISIS in Iraq

War is back in poor Iraq

At the bloody hands of ISIS

Militants on the attack

Another Middle Eastern crisis


Isis was a loving God

Goddess of mothers and magic

ISIS is now a murderous squad

Blackening Her name, it’s tragic


An Islamic empire is their dream

They’re stating, not implying

Al-Qaeda called them “too extreme”

Now that is terrifying


The army’s failed in their defence

Of civilians and their cities

Their milit’ry posts are but pretence

To fill their financial kitties


Thousands shot, and thousands died

As ISIS claimed the land

Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide

No one to lend a hand


Was it for this that thousands fought?

For this that thousands died?

Was all their fighting all for nought?

For this a thousand tears were cried?


Can the Middle East not have peace

For more than one day at a time?

Can we not call the police?

Is all this killing not a crime?


No, they cannot have such peace

For peace is not their aim

The gears of war must have their grease

To play this bloody game

Something Moving, Something Creeping

A whistling wakes you in the night
A shrouded moonlight aids your sight
You see your breath turn to a mist
The cold air grips you like a fist
Was it the wind that stopped you sleeping?
Or something moving? Something creeping?
You locked the doors, and closed the windows
So why throughout the house the wind blows?
The wind whimpers like a woman mourning
Is all this nothing, or a warning?
What secret is the darkness keeping?
Something moving? Something creeping?
The wind dies down, then you hear it
Braver men than you would fear it
A creeping sound, a scrape, scrape, scrape
That sends a chill right down your nape
What has sent your poor heart leaping?
Something moving? Something creeping?
You rise from bed, to the open door
You cannot bear even one step more
It’s getting louder, it’s getting closer
A horrible sound, that’s getting grosser
From your mind all doubt is seeping
Something’s moving, something’s creeping
The scraping sound turns to a thud
Upon the staircase made of wood
Some thing is coming up the stairs
Upon your skin stand all your hairs
Through your body are shivers sweeping
Something’s moving, something’s creeping
Then in the dark you see a head
Sharp teeth so white, and eyes so red
What are those spread out by its sides?
As long and sharp as farmers’ scythes
Your soul is ripe for the reaping
By something moving, something creeping
As it approaches, you step back
And hit the bedframe with a crack
You scream in pain and hit the floor
All hope is gone, there’s nothing more
On the cold, hard floor you’re weeping
While something’s moving, something’s creeping