Aliens Among Us Part V: Aliens Await

   As Clickolt and Clackat were arming the hydrogen bomb at the police station, Clicko, Clackin, and Clackak sat quietly around their table in the casino.
   “How long until go time?” Clicko asked, his right hand gripping his rifle on the table.
   Clackak checked the time keeper on his wrist. “Three minutes to detonation, then we roll out.”
   “Are all the detonation sites ready?” Clackin asked.
   “Yes, every police station, fire station, hospital, power station, government building, FBI, CIA, NSA office, and every army base will be taken out simultaneously. The human race will be defenceless; then it’s just a matter of cleaning up the civilian population.”
   “And the landing parties are ready to deploy?” Clackin asked.
   “Yes, they have left their camp on the dark side of the moon, and are orbiting the earth as we speak.”
   “And there’s no chance our ships will be detected?” Clackin asked.
   “No, their electro-magnetized hulls will absorb ant radio waves from the humans’ detection systems.”
   “How long do you think it will take?”
   “The human population will be exterminated in a week; then the migration will begin.”
   “I almost pity them, they don’t stand a chance,” Clicko said.
   “It will be quick, it’s a small mercy,” Clackak said, and looked at his time keeper.
   The sound of a muffled boom filled the room, followed by another, and another, and another. As the booms rolled on, the three Clickonians stood up, and gripped their rifles in both hands
   “So it begins,” Clackak said.

Aliens Among Us Part IV: Alien Attack

   Back at the police station, Jeff was pleading with the sergeant.
   “You can’t do this!” he cried. “We thought they were aliens; we thought we were doing the right thing!”
   “I understand your situation,” the sergeant said calmly. “And you can argue that to the judge, but I’m a police officer, and I don’t interpret the law, I just enforce it.”
   “I don’t believe this,” Jeff said, putting his hands in his face. Looking up, he said. “If we’re under arrest, then I want a lawyer.”
   “Certainly, that is your right. Can you afford your own, or would you like one provided for you?”
   “I have my own, just give me a telephone.”
   “Sure, come with me,” the sergeant said, standing up.
   As Jeff and Aaron stood up, a bright blue light flashed in the hall, followed instantly by a booming explosion. A shockwave shook the room, the sergeant flew onto the table, Aaron and Jeff fell back into their chairs. As the sergeant regained his bearings, and drew his attention away from the ringing in his ears, the burning smell of smoke stung his nostrils.
   “Shit,” he muttered under his breath. He moved to the door and looked through the small window at the top. He could see the pointed tongues of orange flames down the hall. He pulled the door open to get a better look; a huge gust of hot air blew the door open, sending the sergeant on his back.
   Aaron and Jeff scrambled to their feet, and ran to the sergeant. He was staring at the ceiling, blinking rapidly. Aaron and Jeff grabbed him under the armpits and pulled him to his feet; he still looked dazed.
   “Sergeant! Sergeant! Can you hear me?!” Aaron shouted in his face. The sergeant closed his eyes and shook his head quickly. When he opened his eyes, he said. “Come on, let’s get out of here.”
   They ran out into the hall; the flames were spreading up the corridor.
   “Help! Help!” they heard the cry from the cell next to the interview room.
   “Shit, we’ve a prisoner in there,” the sergeant said. “You guys get out of here, I’ll let him out.”
   Aaron and Jeff didn’t need telling twice; they dashed down the hall into the reception, and ran out the front door. As the fresh air hit their lungs, they began coughing hard. Bent over, hands on their knees, their lungs forced out the smoke and the ash. A bang! bang! bang! made them stand to attention; it sounded like gunshots. It continued, bang-bang-bang-bang-bang, as if there were a gun battle going on in the station. Then, one final deafening BANG!!! blew the roof off the station, and flames billowed out the top.
   “Jesus Christ!” Jeff cried. “What the hell was that?!”
   Aaron, who had his hands on his head in dismay, said. “It must have been the armoury… Christ almighty… They’re dead.”
   Muffled booms echoed now, but not from the station, they came from behind them. Aaron and Jeff turned to see bright blue flashes lighting up the sky from below, followed by a muffled boom far off.
   “Holy shit,” Jeff muttered. “This wasn’t an accident. This is war.”

I Know a Girl

I know a girl standing six feet tall
You better watch out when her backs against the wall
She’lla lash out if you put her in jam
Sheila picks fights just whenever that she can
She’s a tough bitch, biting with no muzzle
What’s she’s mad about, so often is the puzzle
Sheila’s got fight, and Sheila’s got muscle
She’lla break you if you take her in a tussle
I know a girl standing five foot four
She’s insatiable, she always wants some more
She hangs around bars, just hunting for her bit
When she climaxes, I swear she has a fit
Sarah finds it hard to hold on to a man
Cos one is not enough to give her what three can
So she’s forever cruising, goin’ to get her own
I fear for her poor future, she’ll forever be alone
I know a girl standing five foot eight
For to be a mother, I swear she cannot wait
And though she isn’t ugly, not even unattractive
She ain’t got a man, ain’t sexually active
See she’s an eager beaver, she comes on far too strong
She clings on to her dates, talking children before long
That scares them right off, they don’t want children now
She wants to be a mother, but wonders when and how?

I’m a Poet

I’m a poet
‘N’ I know it
Ev’ry word you read I done wrote it
Ev’ry word I say you can quote it
I’m go’n’ get my chance and won’t blow it
They tell me show not tell, man I’ll show it
Cut my Samson locks, I’ll regrow it
Put a stitch in time, man I’ll sow it
My creative juices be flowin’
You huff and puff, I be blowin’
They hear about it, ain’t got it
Won’t work for it but they wan’ it
Talkin’ money baby I got it
Won’t spend it all, I’ll alot it
Writin’ green ink baby, I’ll blot it
I’m go’n’ tie your noose, I’ll slipknot it
This is the end for you, where I started
I’m the new arrival, you the departed
I wrote a bestseller, you just farted
Sorry man, that’s crude, I’ll restart it
I’m a poet
‘N’ I know it
I let the words pour out, I free flow it
I got a shining light and I’ll glow it
I’m a storyteller and I’ll show it
Shove it in your face til you know it
With my best of buds, man we bro it
Party on a boat, man I’ll row it
Runnin’ sixty knots, I won’t slow it
Man I’m on the ball and I’ll throw it
To the end zone, the crowd just exploded
Your defences, man, just imploded
Cos you can’t stop me, you impotent
Unlike me, I’m important!

The Cheating One

No one suspects a single thing
They think she’s off having a fling
That’s what she was wont to do
That’s why her brains out, I blew
I sit on my throne just like the lords
While she is buried beneath the boards
I went to the cops to report her missing
The affairs made them think she was just off kissing
Off kissing one of her many lovers
But she’s beneath me, wrapped in bed covers
I feel no guilt for what I’ve done
She was the spiteful, cheating one

Springtime Sunshine

Glistening sunshine dances on stones
In stark contrast to last night’s wind’s moans
Springtime sunshine brings everything to life
Forgetting winter worries, easing your strife
It shakes the hands of the outreaching trees
And kisses the flowers buzzing with bees
It warms the land and warms the heart
A perfect time for a perfect start
Above, great white whales swim their blue sea
To us it’s the sky, such a sight to see
As sun rays cascade through N2 gas
A gift from God, how he lets them so pass
So how shall you Spring to life?
Like Christ himself to the tune of a fife
Arise from your tomb and be a gift to the world
Break free from your chrysalis like a butterfly unfurled